Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Why more Filipinos disagree with the early junking of the 2nd impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo?

Why more Filipinos disagree with the early junking of the 2nd impeachment complaint against Gloria Arroyo? How to transform peoples’ displeasure and dissatisfaction against corrupt and inept Arroyo regime into collective action? Take your pick blog shame campaign, mass action, assassination, kudeta, revolution, election? An active volcano needs a vent to release its volatile pressure. The Philippines is a social volcano ready to explode. Poverty and economic uncertainties is a recipe to mass uprising. Here come 2007 national elections. It will be a judgment day for those shameless congressmen who sold their souls to devil in Malacanag Palace. The majority members of the lower house are paid lackeys of Gloria Arroyo. Boxes of documentary evidence and testimonies were prohibited to be presented in the justice committee hearing. Why? Are they scared of the truth? There was no fair game at all. It was a total sell-out. Lutong Makaw! Most likely baboy Dagupan Jose De Venecia and his cohorts will be rejected by Filipino electorate.

Philippine bogus President Gloria Arroyo and Jose Pidal crime family will campaign hard in the 2007 elections in order to retain majority Lakas-Kampi Party congressmen and pro GMA senators. An opposition controlled Congress means Gloria Arroyo will be skinned alive for her crimes against the Filipino people and the State. Pandak will not spend a single centavo from her own pocket in the campaign but at expense of people’s tax money. Malacanang Palace is cooking another scam in the P3.5 billion school feeding program thru NFA rice importation. The proposed restoration of the P200 million pork barrel allocations of senators and P70 million each for congressmen under the 2007 budget is seen as an indirect bribe to buy congressmen’s loyalty. The P500million OWWA trust funds and P728 million fertilizer funds for farmers were illegally diverted to Gloria Arroyo’s 2004 political campaign fund. The political survival of the Arroyo crime family is at stake and must buy loyalty of the military-police, justices and lawmakers at all cost to survive.

17 October 2006
Third Quarter 2006 Social Weather Survey:
45% disagree with House decision to junk
PGMA impeachment case; 48% say it was rushed
Social Weather Stations
More Filipinos disagree (45%) than agree (30%) with the decision of the House of Representatives last Aug. 24 to junk the second impeachment case filed against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, according to the Third Quarter 2006 Social Weather Survey.
The latest poll shows greater opposition to the House's decision compared to last year when Filipinos were split (37% disagreed and 36% agreed) on the dismissal of the first impeachment case against the President on Sept. 7, 2005.
The new survey, conducted from Sept. 24 to Oct. 2, 2006, also found that 48% believe that the House rushed its decision to throw out the latest complaint.
The second impeachment complaint, accusing the President of graft and corruption, betrayal of public trust, culpable violation of the Constitution, bribery and other high crimes, was filed by the Black and White Movement on July 28. On Aug. 24, the House of Representatives, voting 173-32 with one abstention, adopted the justice committee's report endorsing the dismissal of the complaint for lack of substance.
The House's decision more unpopular in Metro Manila and among upper classes
A majority (56%) in Metro Manila and half (51%) in the rest of Luzon oppose the House's decision to dismiss this year's complaint [Table 1].
Opinions are mixed in the Visayas, with 32% agreeing and 36% disagreeing, and in Mindanao, with 37% agreeing and 34% disagreeing.
All socio-economic classes are predominantly against the decision of the House: 52% in classes ABC, 46% in class D, and 41% in class E.

Disapproval increased across the board
Opinions in the Visayas and Mindanao agreed with the House's dismissal of the impeachment complaint last year, but became split this year as net agreement scores (computed by deducting % disagree from % agree) fell from net +12 to net -4 in the Visayas, and from net +11 to net +3 in Mindanao.
Opposition to the House's move intensified in Metro Manila as net agreement went from net -24 to net -35, and in Mindanao, from net -5 to net -23.
All socio-economic classes also became opposed, or increased their opposition, to the junking of the impeachment complaint: from net +4 (2005) to net -23 (2006) in classes ABC, net -3 to net -14 in class D, and net +3 to net -14 in class E.
The decision was rushed
Majority in Metro Manila (67%) and the balance of Luzon (51%) think the decision to reject the impeachment case against the President was made too quickly. About two out of five in Mindanao (44%) and Visayas (36%) feel the same way [Table 2].
Majority (54%) in classes ABC, 49% in class D, and 45% in class E believe the decision as rushed.
The House deliberated on the justice committee's recommendation on the complaint for 17 hours before voting on it last Aug. 24.

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