Friday, October 13, 2006

Senators to SC: Annul Ombudsman ruling clearing Comelec officials

Philippine military personnel carry ballot boxes as they relocate them to the central Philippine city of Cebu for counting. Taipe Times Photo: AP

Comelec Chairman Abalos: ‘Garci’ a thing of the past with reduced poll role of military

The main issue is do we trust the COMELEC to conduct an honest and free election/plebiscite/referendum? The present Abalos led Comelec cannot be trusted because of their questionable integrity and loyalty. There’s no doubt that Chairman Benjamin Abalos is a Malacanang loyal lapdog. He is well-protected by Gloria and Jose Pidal crime family. Ex-Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano rigged the 2004 presidential election results in favor of his political benefactor, Gloria Arroyo.

The crocks at the provincial and local levels are still manning their outposts. What revamp? Most of the rank and file Comelec employees are political appointees or recommended by politicos, big landlords and political dynasties. What do we expect? They can manipulate election results when the price is right and pressures from the ruling clans. Election watchdogs, monitors and observers must focus their attention on city and municipal registrars. Election results for every congressional district are decided at local levels. They are election magicians or manipulators.

Politicos like Benjamin Abalos Sr. should not be appointed in constitutional body Comelec. Former politicians cannot be trusted like Abalos Sr. and Hilario Davide Jr. They are multifaceted ass-kissers. Chairman Abalos is just doing lip service on electoral reforms. The automated election system was deliberately shelved during the 2004 national elections to give way the Garci manually vote count dagdag-bawas scheme. Two days before May 10, 2004 national elections the Davide Supreme Court prohibited the Comelec from using automated election system.

The Moro-Moro stage play of the P3-B poll modernization among bogus opposing parties, the Supreme Court, the Comelec and Ombudsman was a diversionary tactics to cover-up massive and systematic cheatings in favor of Gloria Arroyo before and after the presidential election. Retired chief justice Hilario Davide Jr. played a key role in the ouster of President Joseph Estrada in 2001 coup. Its payback time, he was appointed as permanent representative to the United Nations in New York. Davide’s final confirmation is still pending at Commission on Appointments.

The Suwitek triumvirate ABALOS-ESPERON-PUNO is a recipe to 2007 electioneering. A 12-0 shut out by the opposition in the senate and big gain in the lower house is a disaster for Gloria Arroyo to remain in power. Impeachment conviction hangs on her neck in the next congress.

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