Monday, October 09, 2006

North Korean Kim Jong Il’s Nuclear Blackmail

Headline: The puny rodent Gloria Arroyo ROARS! Who cares?
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea has defied the will of the international community on nuclear weapons test. North Korean leader Kim Jong II is using nuclear weapons test as bargaining chip for economic aid from Western nations. Expanded international sanction is useless because China’s political, military and economic support to North Korea. U.S. trade embargo to Cuba directly harmed the poor Cubans than millionaire Fidel Castro. Diplomacy may work to ease the crisis. Japan and South Korea are most at risk from the North Korean nuclear threat. Both countries have the weapons technology, military and strong economy to counter act Kim Jong II’s nuclear blackmail. Mrs. Gloria Arroyo is exploiting the North Korean crisis to please her American master George W. Bush. Nobody in the world community will listen to discredited Arroyo regime. Gloria Arroyo thinks she can fool the GOP-controlled U.S. Congress for more economic and military aid.

Mrs. Gloria Arroyo and her propaganda boys are fooling the Filipinos on Nokor’s nuclear threat attack on the Philippine soil. She has exploited the nuke test issue to divert public attention on her poor governance and discredited Malacanang-sponsored People’s Initiative Singaw ng Bayan charter change. There’s no valid reason for North Korea to “nuke” the Philippines even though the Taepodong-2 long range missiles can hit its target at a given point. Mrs. Arroyo should focus on local problems that wrecked our nation apart such as poverty, the aftereffects of Typhoon Milenyo and imminent power crisis. What’s the latest update on Guimaras oil spill disaster, Joc-Joc Bolante fertilizer scam, peace talks with the rebel groups-NDF and MILF, bankrupt AFP Retirement and Separation Benefits System (RSBS) scam, OWWA trust fund scam and Comelec-Mega Pacific P1.3 B misdeal. The wrath of the Filipino people (ANGER) is enough to NUKE puny rodent Gloria and Jose Pidal crime family to ground zero.

Statement of the President Gloria Arroyo on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's Conduct of Nuclear Test

The Philippines is committed to the sustained pursuit of peace within the region and throughout the world.

We condemn in the strongest terms North Korea’s nuclear device testing today.
DPRK’s act clearly poses a threat to the political, security and economic stability in Northeast Asia.

DPRK has a shared stake with the community of nations in the continued peace in the region.
DPRK’s act runs contrary to the UNSC Resolution 1965, the principles of the ASEAN Regional Forum – of which DPRK is a member – and the September 19, 2005 Joint Statement on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

We urge DPRK to immediately return to the Six-Party Talks with a view to finding a formula or framework for the discontinuation of DPRK’s nuclear arms program.
The Philippines appeals to DPRK to desist from further tests and to adhere to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

We likewise call on the regional and global stakeholders to exert all efforts, using constructive dialogue and diplomacy, to bring a peaceful resolution to this issue of utmost concern for the international community.

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