Tuesday, September 09, 2008

SC sacks CA justice, suspends another in bribery scandal

SC sacks CA justice, suspends another in bribery scandal

abs-cbnNEWS.com | 09/09/2008 4:16 PM
The Supreme Court (SC) dismissed from the judiciary Court of Appeals (CA) Justice Vicente Roxas and suspended CA Justice Jose Sabio for two months for their irregularities and improprieties in connection with the bribery scandal involving the Manila Electric Co. and Government Service Insurance System (Meralco-GSIS) case.
Two out of the 15 justices did not take part in the decision imposing penalties on the erring CA justices.
Twelve SC justices voted to dismiss Roxas while one voted for suspension. He was dismissed with forfeiture of all benefits except accrued benefits.
In Sabio's case, 10 voted to suspend him without pay for two months, one voted for a six-month suspension, one voted for a reprimand since he was the whistleblower, and one voted for dismissal.
The SC reprimanded Court of Appeals Presiding Justice Conrado Vasquez for his failed leadership in handling the bribery case.

The SC admonished Justice Myrna Dimaranan-Vidal for allowing herself to be rushed by Justice Roxas to sign the July 8, 2008 decision granting Meralco's request for a temporary restraining order, which allowed the election of a new board and the Lopez family to maintain control of Meralco.
As for CA Justice Bienvenido Reyes, the SC found him guilty of simple misconduct. He was reprimanded and given a stern warning.

The SC called on the Department of Justice to conduct a preliminary investigation of businessman Francis de Borja, who allegedly tried to bribe Justice Sabio with P10 million so that another justice can handle the Meralco-GSIS case.

With respect to Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) Chairman Camilo Sabio, the SC directed the Office of the Bar Confidant to conduct disbarment proceedings against Camilo for trying to influence his brother, Jose, to support the GSIS in its battle for control of Meralco. The rest of this story

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