Friday, August 22, 2008

Charter change clause in MOA ‘unconstitutional’-SC justice

Charter change clause in MOA ‘unconstitutional’-SC justice

MANILA, Philippines – (UPDATE 4) A provision in the memorandum of agreement on ancestral domain between the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front that seeks to amend the Constitution to conform with the MOA makes it unconstitutional, a Supreme Court justice said Friday.
Responding to the argument by Dean Pacifico Agabin, lawyer for Senator Manuel “Mar” Roxas, one of the intervenors, that the executive could not commit to the MILF the amendment of the Constitution to conform with the agreement, Justice Antonio Carpio asked: “There is that clause under the MOA, correct?”
“Yes,” said Agabin during Friday’s oral arguments atthe Supreme Court that is trying to determine the constitutionality of the MOA-AD.
“Then the MOA is unconstitutional on that ground,” said Carpio who also cited a television interview by an MILF leader who said that the Constitution needed to be amended to conform with the MOA.
Carpio said the MILF wanted this provision to be included in the MOA because “the MILF did not want to be bound by our Constitution.” Inquirer

Blood in Gloria Arroyo’s hands

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How dare Gloria attempt to commit the Republic to such a charade?

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