Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The tip of the iceberg ZTE-NBN $200 M Scam

The ZTE Corp. broadband $329 misdeal is just a tip of the iceberg. Hello Ben Abalos! Hello Jose Pidal! Hello Gloria! The vultures in the corrupt Arroyo government had a frenzy day. Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts have sold our country to China. Secret deals and anomalous-questionable agreement with China to explore Philippines’ natural resources, mines, alienable lands and sea-aquatic explorations.

In the RP-China Agreements, our government agencies are contractually-bound to look for more than one million hectares of land to be leased out to approximately five Chinese corporations. 1.4 million hectares of land to 5 Chinese corporations. How about the US$ 465.5 million Cyber-education project? Maybe it’s another misdeal. Unfortunately, Filipino taxpayers have to shoulder these behest loans. Death by hanging to traitors!

$200-M plus scam in ZTE-NBN kickbacks bared

By Angie M. Rosales
Daily Tribune 09/05/2007

Once again, corruption reared its ugly head under the Arroyo administration with kickbacks galore amounting to way over $100 million, divided accordingly among a high-ranking poll official, the “Big One” and “Little One.”
“Kickbacks” in the contro-versial broadband contract with Chinese firm ZTE Corp. practically ate up the project’s cost and ended up 300-percent higher than the original or proposed amount, with highly-placed public officials and public figures said to have pocketed the “loot” amounting to over $200 million.
Citing his sources, opposition Sen. Panfilo Lacson yesterday bared the details surrounding the ZTE deal he dubbed the “great grandmother of all scams,” with some $20 million having already been disbursed, as a downpayment.
Revealing the “break-down” in the botched deal, according to Lacson’s informants, would have been the following: $55 million would go to a Commission
on Elections (Comelec) official; $75 million to two “highly-placed” individuals in government whom he referred to as the Big One and the Little One, $68 million alleged to have been appropriated to form part of the President’s “war chest” in the senatorial polls last May.
“That’s really big. That’s more than P3 billion. That more than enough to kill (defeat) us (opposition senatorial bets) in the (last) elections. Good thing it wasn’t released yet that time,” Lacson said during an interview, referring to the $68 million that would have gone to the administration’s campaign fund.
“Three-hundred percent actually is the overprice for ZTE to win. There is already a profit of $30 million. There was already a full disclosure of the $30 million net profit (because) they (ZTE) would bid at $132 million,” he said, adding that the Chinese firm’s project, in which the government secured a loan from the China Export and Import Bank (Eximbank) recently, would have been fair enough for the administration without the hanky-panky.
“Even at $132 million, it would have been fair enough. An American firm’s offer was even higher, it was at $135 million,” he said.
As Lacson made the disclosure, the Senate is seen to also call for an investigation on this mess, parallel to that already initiated in the House of Representatives.

ZTE Corp. P26-B CyberEducation
Anomalous ZTE contract continues to unravel

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