Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mindanao Conflict: Tipo-Tipo Fiasco

Marine officers probed: Wrong frequencies prevented aerial bombing, strafing

Tell that to the Marines

It appears that the intervention of OIC Defense Chief Norberto Gonzales in the Tipo-Tipo fiasco may have prevented military ground commanders from pursuing Moro rebels after the firefight. Politicians should not intervene in military operations. Radio snafu is a flimsy excuse.

Excerpts from Daily Tribune: “They (officers) said if not because of him (Gonzales), our men could have already pursued the enemies right from that incident in Tipo-Tipo. But he intervened. He paraded himself in Basilan, talked to the local government units there, governors, other civilians including the MILF or members of the CCCH (Ceasefire Committee on the Cessation of Hostilities). He should get out from the DND (Department of National Defense). He may be good in another Cabinet post but not in the DND,” the Yes Arms spokesman said.

“He (Gonzales) is creating too much furor already within the AFP, (causing) more dissension on the part of our soldiers. They (Malacañang) are making our soldiers look stupid when these people are more intelligent than their leaders who show no leadership,” Aparri said.
He added the soldiers who survived the Al-Barka clash “feel that they are being sacrificed by this government for an objective that they don’t know.”

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Blogger Ellen said...

It's a puzzle to me why Norberto Gonzalez hols such a strong sway on Gloria Arroyo.

I'm sure it's more than jsut what is at stake in Liguasan marsh. It must be more than that.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Diego K. Guerrero said...

Most likely Norberto Gonzales is the CIA point man in Malacanang. Uncle Sam wants to justify its continued presence in Mindanao in the pretext to hunt down Al Qaeda -link Abu Sayyaf. US Special Forces are assisting the AFP on going Basilan and Sulu operations against ASG and MILF ‘rogue elements‘.

8:44 AM  
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