Friday, December 15, 2006

AFP Officers Decry Prostitution Of Military

When is the right time to move General? The longer bogus President Gloria Arroyo stays in power it adds more sufferings of the Filipino people. She is a total failure after more than five years of mismanagement. The corruption issues in the military and the bureaucracy are still rampant. The public resistance and anger against fraudulent Arroyo- De Venecia’s Constituent Assembly is a residual effect of massive cheating in the 2004 presidential election. This is the reason why the Arroyo regime is pushing hard a charter change to remain in power beyond 2010 and escape impeachment and possible conviction in the Senate. The Hello Garci electoral fraud and its subsequent cover-ups still unanswered. The resignation of illegitimate Pres. Gloria Arroyo and Vice-Pres. Noli De Castro will pave way for snap election. The Filipino people deserve a better government and new leadership.

AFP officers decry prostitution of military

Daily Tribune 12/16/2006

Military officers and their men are increasingly getting too restive as they want an end to the prostitution of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), an institution they said is their “First wife,” as even their own wives and children come second, in their line of work.

This was disclosed yesterday to the Tribune by two high-ranking military officers, a general in the active service and a colonel, both of whom asked for anonymity, saying they would get themselves and their men into trouble if their identities were disclosed.

In an interview with the Tribune yesterday, the higher-ranking military officer said “the soldiers in the AFP are now very aware of the ‘anger’ of the people against the Arroyo administration,” adding that given the “right spark,” they may all turn against the Arroyo regime to cause its collapse.

“Like the Filipino people who have reached the end of their rope, the soldiers also are nearing the end of their rope,” he said, pointing out that “they (officers) feel that there can be no hope for the changes the men in the AFP want done, but not under the present government” since they have seen just how President Arroyo, their Commander-in-Chief, has so “debased” the military institution by “making the military top leaders cheat for her” during the 2004 elections.

His officer, who was with him, confirmed this, saying the AFP officers and men whose “conscience has been bothering them” have gone into analyzing the reasons behind the outrage of the Filipino people today and

said they have concluded that it is not Charter change (Cha-cha) that has angered them, but the many times the Arroyo regime has tried to cover up for the alleged crimes of the President.

“They now know that she must go, because she will have to continue covering up all those crimes, and will commit more crimes in doing so,” the officer disclosed, adding “that this all stems from her having cheated her way to win the elections.

“When military officers, troubled by their conscience, wanted to speak up on the cheating before the Senate, she quickly came up with her EO 464 to gag the Senate and punish the soldiers who wanted to bring out the truth, but everybody in the military knows the truth of her bogus presidency. They even know the identities of the officers who were actively cheating for her; who distributed money to several politicians and election officers and who gave the orders to cheat for her,” he said, stressing that the order was done in a “chain of command” style.

He also said that public funds, such as the fertilizer funds went to politicians and the election officers to make sure that she wins the presidency. “When this was discovered, she again quickly covered it up by stonewalling the Senate investigations and doing nothing to get (former Agriculture Undersecretary Jocelyn) Joc-Joc Bolante to talk. She was protecting him to protect herself,” the source stressed.

“And look who she is punishing! Those who were doing the right thing. Those who love the AFP as their First Wife. Those who try to right a wrong, while those who obeyed illegal orders; those who cheated for her; those who cover up for her, are rewarded,” the sources said.

They added that the soldiers have been confused for a long time, but that they are now, like the Filipino people, waking up to the truth of the problems stemming from her bogus presidency.

“She (Mrs. Arroyo) is like a cancer. It is not the Constitution that must be excised. The cancer (that is Mrs. Arroyo) must be excised, if we are to be healed as a military force and as a people. “She (Mrs. Arroyo) must go.

The general also noted that Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim analyzed the problem well when he zeroed in on Mrs. Arroyo as a bogus president. “It is difficult for the soldiers to keep on obeying orders that are patently illegal, and worse, coming from an illegitimate president,” he pointed out, saying all the problems with the nation and the military began when Mrs. Arroyo grabbed power unconstitutionally.

Because the military installed her to power and cheated for her in the polls, he said the President constantly keeps on bribing them with positions even when they do not deserve them.

(Former President Ferdinand) Marcos may have been hated by the Filipino people, but he never asked the military to cheat for him. This commander in chief (Mrs. Arroyo) did,” he said.

It was the top ranking military leaders, he said, who were distributing the money to their officers in the field who then also distributed the funds to the politicians, Commission on Elections (Comelec) operators and officers, with the orders for them to alter and pad Mrs. Arroyo’s votes to ensure her victory.

“The soldiers who were used by this administration to cheat for her (Mrs. Arroyo) could no longer stomach the way they were being ordered to commit illegal acts and to go against the Constitution and started their ‘soul-searching’ on this issue,” the military source noted, saying that when the tapped conversations between the President and then Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano surfaced and an investigation was called, “many volunteered to testify and tell the truth to (then AFP Inspector-General Mateo Mayuga), but none of them were ever interviewed.”

He also rued the conduct of Mayuga, who had recently retired as Navy chief. “He (Mayuga) even told his people that he ‘will never disclose what the real story of the military officers’ involvement is, as he vowed to bring the Mayuga report to his grave.’ Sayang (a pity). What a waste of one could have become a good officer,” he said.

The source also said the officers and men who still love the institution, are also “watching and waiting” while they continue to witness for themselves the way the officers are being debased by the military leadership.

He cited the example of Capt. Langkit, who is in solitary confinement and only because, he said, AFP chief of staff Hermogenes Esperon Jr., through his men, has been trying to coerce him into turning state witness and lie about his comrades actions, especially on the Marines stand-off in Fort Bonifacio.

“He (Langkit) was brought to Tanay blindfolded and handcuffed and kept in solitary confinement. We saw how thin he had become and how (physically) weak he was, but when he emerged for the hearing, he said, like a true soldier: “I may be physically weak but my spirit is still fighting for what is right.’ This kept our spirits up. We still have, as the movie title goes, ‘A Few Good Men,” the military said.

“Why they think they (Mrs. Arroyo and her her military generals) can cover up their crimes by rewarding those who cheated for her, and have been covering up for her all this time is laughable. The soldiers are not robots kept unaware of the goings-on. We read the newspapers. We listen to radio and watch TV. We all know what is going on and see what is happening to out beloved country, and our beloved AFP. We know what the problems are, and it is not whether we should Cha-cha or not. Cha-cha, whether this is shelved or whether this pushes through, will not solve the big problems facing all the Filipinos.

“At the right time, our First Wife will move, and do what needs to be done,” the general said. NCO
Footnotes To A Mutiny



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