Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Former R.A.M. Leader Col. Honasan Captured

Pro Gloria Arroyo newspapers are chanting “the other woman angle” that led to the capture of RAM leader Colonel Gregorio Honasan. The same propaganda line when Marine Captain Nick Faeldon was captured. The capture of Col. Honasan and the persecution of detained idealist officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will backfire on bogus President Gloria Arroyo. Military and police generals who participated in the massive election fraud in May 2004 national elections in favor of Gloria Arroyo were promoted. Former Philippine National Police (PNP) chief now DPWH secretary Ret. Gen. Hermogenes Ebdane is the alleged mastermind in switching fake certificates of canvass (CoC) ballot boxes in the House of Representatives' Batasan complex. Gloria Arroyo and Noli De Castro were proclaimed by the Congress based on tampered provincial election returns. Documentary evidence and witnesses/cheat operators testimonies have proven the Arroyo’s illegitimacy. The Department of Justice has no evidence to pin former Senator Gregorio Honasan as the financier of the failed Oakwood Mutiny last July 2003.


FORMER Sen. Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan, who had a P5 million bounty on his head, was captured before dawn yesterday after a brief chase in a subdivision in Quezon City.

The former Army colonel, who led coup attempts against the Aquino administration in the late 80s, is facing a coup d’état case for allegedly inciting junior military officers into staging the Oakwood mutiny in July 2003. A Makati court hearing the case issued an arrest warrant against Honasan and several others last March.

Honasan is also facing a rebellion case in connection with the alleged plot to overthrow the Arroyo government in February.

Honasan sustained injuries in his attempt to evade arrest, said PNP chief Oscar Calderon.

"The joint PNP CIDG-AFP team arrested him after a brief chase from one house to another, with him hopping over the fence. In the process, the ex-senator sustained a deep laceration on his right sole and a slight fracture on his left foot," Calderon said.

Honasan was initially treated at the PNP General Hospital in Camp Crame and transferred later in the afternoon to the Asian Hospital in Alabang.

"He is seriously hurt. His left ankle has a large swelling and I think he will need an operation," said Interior Secretary Ronaldo Puno after the decision to move Honasan to the Asian Hospital.

Puno said only immediate family members will be allowed to visit Honasan.

"It is not that we do not want visitors but he (Honasan) is a high security person," he said.

The military said Honasan’s arrest reduced threats to the Arroyo government. But it said it is not discounting the possibility that rightist groups would try to move against Arroyo as Honasan could still be enjoying a following among military men.

"This effort has caused a big deterrence or stumbling block on those who would like to destabilize government," said Lt. Col. Bartolome Bacarro, Armed Forces public information office chief.

"We do not discount the possibility (of future destabilization moves) but, of course, with the apprehension of ex-Senator Honasan, we do believe that this will have an effect on groups (planning to destabilize government)," he said.

Asked if retired officers allied with Honasan can still mount destabilization moves, Bacarro said: "We are not underestimating their capability, so we are not discounting it."

He also said that if Honasan still has followers in the military, "it’s too small and most of his followers, we do believe, are aware what is really happening."

Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita said Honasan’s arrest has broken the "backbone" of destabilization and brought to a close "a broad conspiracy to destabilize the government."

But he said there are no guarantees there would be no more coups, especially after the experience of the Aquino administration which faced down seven coup attempts.

Honasan is the founding chairman of the Rebolusyonaryong Alyansang Makabansa that staged the failed coups.

Ermita said the Palace is hoping that each time a coup or a rebellion is thwarted, "nothing more would follow."

"Imagine seven coups. Hopefully it would not happen again," he said.

The Arroyo administration has survived two attempts – the Oakwood mutiny staged by the Magdalo group of soldiers allegedly recruited by Honasan and the one in February which Arroyo said was a conspiracy hatched by some members of the opposition, "military adventurists," and the Left.


The 58-year-old Honasan was traced by operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group of the PNP and the Intelligence Service of the AFP in one of the units at Enclave townhouse in Green Meadows subdivision in Barangay Ugong, Quezon City, Calderon said.

He was caught around 2:20 a.m. No firearm or document was taken from him.

Former Sen. Tito Sotto, after a meeting with Honasan, said the latter gave the following account:

Honasan got a tip that police and military operatives had been dispatched to arrest him in his house in Marikina City.

Honasan tried to give the arresting team the slip but it caught up with him near Green Meadows.

Honasan jumped out of his car, and climbed over the wall of the subdivision. He hurt himself while about to climb over a wall near the Christ the King church.

"He was in his car and was still trying to find a place where he could hide when the chase started," said Sotto.

Sotto he has been in close contact with Honasan since the warrant was issued against him.

Honasan’s driver/security escort identified as Jaime Baladad was also arrested.

A case of obstruction of justice will be filed against Baladad, Calderon said.

The townhouse unit where Honasan was spotted is reportedly owned by one Ingrid Ramos.

"I will let the CIDG investigate the possible liability of Ms. Ramos at bakit doon sa bahay niya nakita si former Senator Honasan," Calderon said.

He gave the assurance Honasan would not be able to escape if detained in Camp Crame.

Honasan was arrested in 1987 after the failure of his first coup attempt in August. He escaped from a Navy ship where he was detained.

"Hindi siya makakatakas dito… May gentleman’s agreement kami nung magka-usap kami kanina na we will help him basta he will help himself," Calderon said.

Puno, who visited Honasan at the PNP General Hospital, said they have yet to determine where Honasan will be detained.

He also said: "I think Senator Honasan is relieved in a way. His many months of hiding from the authorities have come to an end. He is looking forward to seeing his grandchildren."


Calderon said operations are continuing against Honasan’s co-accused, including former Navy Capt. Felix Turingan, (with a P1 million bounty), George Duldulao (P250,000), and Lina Reyes (also P250,000).

His other co-accused – retired Colonels Virgilio Briones and Romeo Lazo who both carried a P500,000 reward on their heads– were captured in Quezon City June this year. Ernesto Macahiya, spokesman of the military-based Philippine Guardians Brotherhood Inc. founded by Honasan, was arrested April this year in Los Baños, Laguna. He is out on bail.

Calderon said they are checking on people who might have coddled Honasan. Cases could not be filed yet as there is no hard evidence against them, he said.

Puno said he is trying to convince Honasan to talk to his co-accused so they can also yield.

"The other persons with warrants of arrest, if he can communicate with them, they can perhaps, surrender themselves to the PNP. They will be fairly treated. This is the normal procedure of the justice system," Puno said.

Calderon brushed aside speculations that Honasan’s arrest was timed with the approach of the May elections amid reports that surveys show Honasan is among the top choices for senator.

"This about law enforcement, arresting a fugitive with a standing warrant of arrest," he said.

President Arroyo commended the CIDG and Isafp operatives.


Ermita said government is hoping Honasan’s arrest would signal the return to political stability.

Ermita said the arrest is one of a series of good news. The others are the capture of an Abu Sayyaf leader Monday in Cotabato City and the extradition of former presidential consultant Charlie "Atong" Ang.

"So you see, justice will have its way. The rule of law being followed and people who figured prominently in Philippine politics and in some of the more celebrated offenses in the Philippines have been accounted for and that I think is what we mean by good news," he said.

He said the only bad news for the administration is that Honasan’s arrest might boost his chances if he runs for the Senate next year.

"Sasabihin ng iba lalong naging bida ang taong tulad niya dahil nakulong siya, tataas ang kanyang antas. Only the people can answer that when election comes," he said.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said the Palace is hoping the arrest would be the "harbinger of growing political stability underlying steady economic growth."

"No one can make a mockery of the law by playing hide and seek with our law enforcement agencies, and get away with it…Let the evidence be presented against him and let the courts decide his fate," Bunye also said. – With Victor Reyes and Jocelyn Montemayor 11/15/2006

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