Sunday, December 30, 2007

Napeidei Racket

Gloria Arroyo regime’s relentless corruption has an adverse impact on country’s economic growth. We expect another cover-up to hide their crime against the Filipino people. Malacanang crooks are untouchables and prostituted the rule of law. Arroyo regime’s endless corruption and abusive government must end. The time for tough words is gone and it’s now time for concrete actions.

Ermita, DoJ, DPWH execs tagged in Napeidei racket

By Michaela P. del Callar
Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and unnamed officials in two government agencies were identified as those lobbying intensely for the transfer of a contract for the development of a prime Tokyo property from a consortium that won it through an auction.
Palace and embassy sources yesterday disclosed that Malacañang itself is pushing the awarding of the development of a Philippine property in the upscale Shibuya district in Tokyo, Japan to another contractor instead of the original group that won it despite objections from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and Department of Budget and Management (DBM).
The source pointed to officials at the Office of the Executive Secretary, the Department of Justice (DoJ) and the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) as pursuing the award of the contract for 2,488-square meter Napeidei property in favor of Japanese contractor Masaichi Tsuchiya.
The property has been offered for commercial development to generate
income, similar to the government-owned Roppongi property which is now an office building complex.
Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita issued an order last June 26 recognizing Masaichi Tsuchiya as the government designated developer of the property.
The Nagayama-Teisei consortium won a bid for the contract to develop the Napeidei property in an auction held by the government on Oct. 26. Daily Tribune

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