Sunday, July 08, 2007

Philippine Senate: Mongrel majority

Mongrel Senate? The crossbreed of male donkey and female horse equals mule. The offspring mule is almost sterile. It makes sense in the quest for senate presidency. Does it mean the Villar-led Senate is sterile? Major committees like the Blue ribbon and Finance at the hands of administration senators’ counter checks and balances. The Filipino electorate wants an opposition senate to check the abuses of the Arroyo regime. Greedy Villar is disregarding the voice of the people after his unholy alliance with inbreed bastards. Baog na senado, anyone?

A bogus president must be called bogus president; liars must be called liars and manipulators must be called manipulators irrespective of the guise under which they are acting and the political camouflage under which they are hiding. The camouflage of Judasan bloc Villar-Cayetano Escudero had been exposed. They once again fooled GO-UNO supporters.

Mongrel majority

By Ellen Tordesillas

Excerpts: Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano takes pains in explaining to friends and supporters that his support for Sen. Manny Villar for Senate president does not mean that he has abandoned his being a responsible opposition to the Arroyo administration.

"My core values (on truth and justice) remain solid," he said.

I believe Alan and I do not regret having voted for him. But I feel sad.

Caught in the power play for the Senate presidency between Villar and his other political mentor, Sen. Panfilo Lacson, Alan chose the former.

That’s easy to understand. Villar is president of the Nacionalista Party where Cayetano belongs. I imagine that as a party mate, the wealthy Villar must have helped the young senatorial candidate. But I imagine also that Cayetano was helped by many others who admired the way he stood his ground in the demolition operation of Mike Arroyo and expected him to continue that role in the Senate.

The contest for the Senate presidency is all about ambition and greed. It has nothing to do with what’s good for the Filipino people.

Understanding treachery in the Senate power play

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